[8-28-2019] PMDT Held Webinars for Global Customers and Sales Representatives

From January to August 2019, PMDT Products and OLPD Solutions Introduction webinars were hosted virtually for PMDT’s Global Sales Representatives by PMDT Technical Support Department. PMDT’s customers and representatives from Bolivia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia have attended the webinars. The webinars provided the benefits of helping PMDT’s customers understand what partial discharge is, introducing PMDT’s complete range of products for OLPD solutions, and illustrating how these products use various detection modes and sensors to accomplish finding, locating, diagnosing, and monitoring any partial discharge activity in substation assets. The webinars also provided great opportunities for PMDT to talk with our customers and representatives, to grow in relation to and learn about one another, and how to be supportive in the construction of customers’ condition-based maintenance programs.