Solutions for Power Transformers

Our Online Partial Discharge (OLPD) testing and monitoring technology can identify dangerous PD activity in Transformers and monitor any further insulation deterioration caused by such activity. Partial discharges in a Transformer deteriorate its insulation and can lead to failure in the future.

Partial Discharge activity is normally an early indication of degradation inside Transformers. Though the Transformers can still be in service even with some insulation defects, it tends to fail or break down in the near future. Effectively detecting PD signals is useful and essential in the asset management and maintenance of Transformers. One distinct advantage of the PD testing is that it’s an non-destructive and non-intrusive inspection, which means that the detection procedure does not require the power apparatus to be shutdown. Accurate PD detection and localization contribute to finding insulation defects in the early stages and proper maintenance can be planned and prioritized.



Diagnostic & Location

Testing Services

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PD Detection

Solutions for OLPD Inspection - PDetector & PDStar:

Use PDetector & PDStar series hand-held partial discharge detector to find PD signals from Transformer equipment and preliminarily determine the source of PD.

PD Diagnostic and Location

Solutions for OLPD Diagnostics - PDiagnostic Series:

The PDiagnostic Series system can provide real-time power asset status analysis, track and accurately locate PD signals from the Transformer in real-time, and displays the PD signals and spectrum analysis, combined with system diagnostics to determine the severity and type of PD.

Solutions for Precise OLPD Localization - PDExpert: 

The PDExpert can collect raw waveforms, PD period spectrums and PD signal processing functions, utilizes high-speed data acquisition and digital signal processing to analyze the PD signals, and determine the precise location of the PD signal source down to the centimeter within the Transformer.

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PD Monitoring

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Solutions for Short-Term OLPD Monitoring - PDiagnosticM:

For Transformer equipment that requires short-term partial discharge monitoring, the PDiagnosticM system can provide real-time power asset status monitoring, remote data viewing and cloud diagnostics, which allows users to view and track the PD signals of the Transformer in real-time. The system automatically analyses the incoming signals for PD type and severity, and will perform trend analysis.

Solutions for Wireless Autonomous OLPD Monitoring -  PMDTiSmart :

The system builds a wireless smart sensor network to autonomously sample asset condition data periodically from the Transformer. The data collection units obtain data from the smart sensors wirelessly and upload the data to the PMDTCloud via 3G/4G /Ethernet for data diagnostics.

Solutions for Permament OLPD Monitoring - PDMonitor :

The PDMonitor system can provide long-term partial discharge online monitoring for power assets, and generates self-diagnostic results and trend analysis results. The system will promptly alert power assets with partial discharge phenomena to take effective protective measures.

Testing Services

PMDT offers three levels of testing services both domestically in the US and globally. With the best quality products, complete PD solutions, rich on-site testing experience, experienced partial discharge experts and field engineers, PMDT also provides PDExpert Services -- professional on-site partial discharge detection and location services to help the customers find the potential risks, evaluate the operating status of the electrical assets, and deliver complete and final problem solutions.

PD Location Inside Transformer using PDi