Solutions for Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

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PMDT utilizes an intelligent sensing method to collect the environmental, physical, electrical, and behavior information of the substation in real time. System data from multiple sources is fully integrated to provide customers with risk advisories and a broad, high-level view of the equipment and operating conditions. The PMDTCloud provides dynamic diagnostics over multivariate/multidimensional statistics of various data and equipment. In addition, the PMDTCloud sends early alarms to improve the quality of operation and maintenance.





The PMDT Solution         

One-Stop Solution for Condition Sensing and Data Analysis for Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution


Intelligent Online Testing System Based on Internet of Things 

Intelligent Online Monitoring System  

Intelligent Asset Condition Sensing System Based on Internet of  Things

Intelligent Asset Condition Monitoring Data Management and Diagnostic Platform Based on Cloud Diagnostics

Portable Short-Term Online Partial Discharge Monitoring System Based on Cloud Diagnostics