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Online PD Diagnostics - Tier II


Multi-channel 6 ,12 channels

High sampling rates up to 100MHz


Portable Battery-Powered Unit


Locate and characterize PD insdie oil-filled Transformers, Cables 

Substations, GIS, Switchgear


3D triangulation PD inside of transformers

Acoustic and Electromagnetic Source Localization




UHF Sensor

UHF Sensor - Electromagnetic Waves (EM) is emitted when PD occurs. The UHF sensor is a special antennae with a response range from 300MHz to 1.5GHz. virtually all types of partial discharge have an emission in this range. The UHF sensor is the most versatile PD sensor.

​HFCT Sensor

HFCT sensors are used to measure energy which is induced onto the grounds during a partial discharge activity. High Frequency Current Transformers are a reliable method to measure induced PD signals on the grounds

Acoustic Contact (AE)

Acoustic Contact Probe has a response from 20kHz - 300kHz. When PD occurs in a dense insulation medium such as oil or SF6, the acoustic emission attenuates at a high frequency which is inaudible and also will not travel through air. These acoustic sensors are highly sensitive. Acoustic PD testing is a powerful, sensitive, and reliable method of discovering and characterizing PD activity in oil-filled and SF6 insulated power apparatus. 


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