Asset Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Data Management System

PMDT Cloud UI.png

The PMDTCloud provides users with a faster method to access the latest data and condition of the power assets from any authorized web enabled device via a login with a user ID and password. Diagnostic results with PD types are provided automatically.  

Multiple Statistics Charts: Shows the important information for users to understand the status of power equipment effortlessly.

Test Job Management: Manages and controls the online testing process of power equipment, along with checking the progress of each test job in real time, and also conducts test data management, inquiry, and statistical analysis.


Test Point Management: Standardize the test points for each OLPD test method (TEV/Ultrasonic/AE/UHF/HFCT), test at the same test point for each test method every time with high efficiency, record and manage the test data, and conduct trend analysis.


Cloud Diagnostic Function: PMDT has developed the cutting-edge cloud diagnostic technology for the field-testing data, based on big data mining and deep learning diagnostic algorithms. The testing data can be sent to the PMDTCloud for data analysis, and the Cloud provides diagnostics results with PD types automatically. This provides advanced and reliable technological support for the status analysis of power equipment.


Automatic Reporting: The PMDTCloud generates detailed, proficient test reports automatically after the test data is uploaded with one simple selection on the PMDTCloud web page. Say goodbye to writing reports manually!

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