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Superior Handheld Partial Discharge Detector for Electric Power Equipment with Thermal Imaging Camera, 100 MSPS HFCT Testing, A 4.3" Touch Screen, Multi-Sensor and Cloud Diagnostic Technology, 3G/4G/WI-FI Communication, and Data Management Software

PMDT is proud to present one of our latest innovations, the PDStar. It integrates On-Line Partial Discharge (OLPD) testing and Infrared testing for MV and HV equipment, which combines UHF, AE, Ultrasonic, HFCT, TEV, and Infrared testing technologies. It is applicable for online PD testing, as well as abnormal heating and defect detection on all types of substation equipment. PD amplitude, PRPD, PRPS, and infrared spectrums provide critical data for determining the operational condition of electric power equipment. It connects to the PMDTCloud via Wi-Fi/3G/4G to upload test data, download test tasks, and receive diagnostic results in real time. Another uniquely advanced feature of the PDStar is that it integrates with a 100 MSPS (Mega-Samples per Second) HFCT signal processor, which greatly improves the performance for power cable OLPD testing. 

The PDStar promotes a standardized, efficient way of online testing via the intelligent patrol, cloud data/job management, cloud diagnostic functions, automatic reporting, and paperless testing, which has made a major advancement in the concept of online condition assessment. It is the most powerful and helpful tool for electric utilities to conduct routine testing in a substation quickly, to determine what the issue is, and where it is located.

03 PDStar.png
PDStar Side.png

Main Features 

  • Conducts OLPD testing with UHF, HFCT, TEV, AE, and Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Conducts Infrared testing by simply attaching the Thermal Imaging Camera to the PDStar main unit  

  • 100 MSPS (Mega-Samples per Second) sampling rate available with a HFCT Signal Processor that features time and frequency analysis / cluster analysis capabilities for advanced OLPD testing and diagnostics for power cables    

  • The Intelligent Patrol Function is used to create a test task with a set standard test procedure to improve testing efficiency

  • RFID tags are used to standardize the field OLPD testing procedure to greatly testing efficiency and achieve asset management

  • The PMDTCloud analyzes the data by utilizing Deep Learning Technology to produce a more accurate diagnostics of the data

  • 4.3" touch screen display and on-board data storage

  • Eco-friendly paperless testing technology

Sensor Technology: Detection Bandwidth 


Electromagnetic (EM)

• TEV: Transient Earth Voltage (built-in main handheld unit) 3MHz - 100MHz

• UHF: Ultra High Frequency  300MHz - 1.5GHz

• HFCT: High Freqeuncy Current Transformer  500KHz - 50MHz

Acoustic Emissions (AE)​

• AE Contact Sensor: 20KHz - 300KHz

• Airborne Ultrasonic: 40KHz



  • MV & HV Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Power Cables

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • And Other Equipment

AE Contact for Handheld.png
Ultrasonic Extension Wand
Parabolic Dish
UHF Grey
HFCT Sensor Grey Blackground
HFCT with Signal Conditioner
Infrared Testing 

Thus far, infrared testing and OLPD testing have been important but independent for condition-based maintenance programs of power equipment. Substation operators have been conducting the two routine testing methods separately for many years. The PMDT’s new innovative PDStar now makes it possible to test PD and IR together in one single tool, which allows for a more productive, efficient, and cost-effective online testing and maintenance program for customers.

The PDStar's Thermal Imaging Camera is convenient to use by simply attaching the Thermal Imaging Camera to the PDStar main unit. It has high resolution and can detect any abnormal heating and defects effectively. 

PDStar with IR Camera.png
IR Camara .png


  • 320 x 256 native resolution

  • 4.3” HD LCD touch screen, shares the same screen of the PDStar main unit 

  • Images can be edited on the PDStar main unit directly. Tap the screen or buttons to quickly access temperature measurement tools, parameters, image modes, and more.

  • Measure the temperature of one specific point or area

  • Supports PC-based data management software

  • Compact design and convenient to use

PDStar IR Screen.png
Advanced Solution for Power Cable OLPD Testing with High Sampling Rate

For substation operators, conducting OLPD testing on power cables has always been a challenge due to the dangerous aspects involving the close proximity to the online equipment the tester would have to be in order to perform the testing efficiently and accurately. The PMDT’s PDStar provides an advanced solution for this issue.

The PDStar features the superior Cluster Analysis (CA) function with a 100 MSPS HFCT Signal Processor that enables the user to conduct advanced OLPD testing and diagnostics on power cables. The PDSS (Partial Discharge Signals Separation) technology is employed to separate noise from PD signals, and to separate different types of PD signals into different groups. Waveforms, PRPD & PRPS, and pulse spectrums are provided for data analysis to determine the PD type.

PDStar Analysis Screen
PDStar PRPD PRPS Spectrum
PDStar Pulse Screen

Data Management Software

The PDStar data management software is a powerful, PC-based tool that stores, manages, analyzes the test data, and manages the test jobs.

  • Test File Management: manages the online testing data files of the power equipment and substations.

  • Test Job Management: creates, issues, manages test jobs and archives the test data. 

  • Test Data Management: stores and manages the test data spectrums collected by the PDStar and provide trend analysis. There are 19 kinds of PD and infrared test data including spectrums, audio and video.

  • Intelligent Patrol Function: Create a new test job on software and download it to the PDStar main unit. Patrol the Substation and Test for PD Efficiently.

PDStar Software Screenshot
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