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The PDiagnosticM is a portable system that utilizes UHF, AE, and HFCT sensor modules to monitor PD signals from Medium and High Voltage power equipment.


The system is ideal for monitoring critical power assets to find and monitor intermittent PD signals and to analyze the developing PD trends. The PD type is determined by automatic pattern recognition and internal defects can be found at an early stage.


The system provides advanced protection with alarm functions and our Deep Learning data analysis capabilities utilizing our proprietary Intelligent Cloud Diagnostic Technology.

PDiagnosticM Main Unit .png
UHF Sensor for PDiagnosticM
HFCT Sensor Blue Blackground.png
AE Contact PDiagnosticM

Main Features 

  • Monitors for PD in real time via 10 customizable channels simultaneously

  • Acoustic-electric combination detection/analysis technology is adopted for superior data analysis

  • Provides PRPD, PRPS, AE amplitude, and AE waveform spectrums

  • Features adjustable data sampling intervals, adjustable alarm thresholds, data trending, and automatic PD diagnostic results with PD types or noise to determine the severity

  • Employs weatherproof design which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and is ideal for short-term monitoring requirements with fast and easy installation


  • MV & HV Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Power Cables

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • And Other Equipment

  • Advanced data diagnostic capability by utilizing Deep Learning via our PMDTCloud

  • Connects to the network via 3G/4G and transmits the data to the PMDTCloud

  • The PMDTCloud manages multiple assets from numerous substations with several users simultaneously from one server

  • Login to the PMDTCloud via any secured web-enabled device for access to the latest data and current asset condition information

  • An Android/IOS smart phone application is supplied with the PMDTCloud for users to view the data and displays the alarm in real time


PDiagnosticM for Power Cables
PDiagnosticM for MV Switchgear
PDiagnosticM for GIS
PDiagnosticM for Transformers


Asset Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Data Management System

The PMDTCloud is a cutting-edge, cloud-based asset condition monitoring and diagnostic data management system software that communicates with various of our products to collect and analyze the test/monitoring data. It is developed based on the innovations in internet technologies and the Internet of Things. It employs a multi-dimensional cloud diagnostics algorithm developed by PMDT by utilizing the latest big data computing, cloud calculation, and deep learning technology based on our abundant on-site field test data collected through the years.   


The PMDTCloud provides users with a faster method to access the latest data and condition of the power assets from any authorized web enabled device via a login with a user ID and password. Diagnostic results (normal, early warning, or alarm), PD types, and PD trends are provided.  


The PMDTCloud includes the following functionality: deep learning, cloud diagnostic, test job/project management, alarms, report generation, and operational status indicators of the substation(s).


The PDiagnosticM connects to the PMDTCloud via a 3G/4G/internet connection to transmit the monitoring data. The data is analyzed by the Cloud utilizing advanced Deep Learning Technology.

PDiagnosticM Cloud Diagnostics.png
PDiagnosticM Cloud Charts.png
PDiagnosticM Cloud Trends.png
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